Form or formless worship?

Form or Formless Worship? -
In India, in olden times, there was always a difference of opinion between devotees of the Arya Samaaj and devotees of Sanatana Dharma. The Arya Samaajis believed that God does not have form and therefore did not believe in any form of idol worship. The Sanaatana Dharmis on the other hand, believed that the Lord must be worshipped with form. and they believed in worshipping idols. Once the Arya Samaajis and the Sanaatana Dharmis decided to have a “Vivaadh” - a formal debate on this issue. A date was set and a big crowd had been summoned. in the temple hall . The Arya Samaaji had arrived and the Sanaatana Dharmi did not come. So. they thought he was scared. It was a Shiva temple and the priest of the temple decided to take up the argument on behalf of the Sanaatana Dharmis. He told the Arya Samaajis, you give your argument first and then I will reply to you. The Arya Samaaji started with “Om bhur bhuvaH suvarOM and explained how the Lord is unmanifest . The pujaari was a simple man. He replied, “ I will pick up this ‘Saguna Saakara” idol of mine and break it on your head. You hit me with your formless God. Let us see who wins?” augument closed..

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